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Acro Dance

Following the 'Acrobatic arts syllabus' - Acro dance combines dance with gymnastic techniques.  


Acro helps to increase a dancer's flexibility and strength and enables the dancer to master acrobatic skills such as cartwheels, hand stands and splits before moving onto more advanced tumbling.


Acro Dance is different to gymnastics in the sense that no apparatus are used and dancers are required to move gracefully and smoothly inbetween acrobatic movements.  


We believe Acro is an essential part of a young dancer's training and will greatly improve their strength and ability as dancers.  Children have the opportuntiy to train in Acro Dance when reaching Year 1.  Children begin with a 30-minute 'Into to Acro' class as part of their training and then progress onto a full 45-minute class.


Acro classes are for children who study Ballet, Tap & Modern only and run alongside thier weekly class.  Acro cannot be taken as a single subject.  

Acro Dance (6 years and above)

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